Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last night a friend who takes a lot of quite interesting and sometimes beautiful photographs told me about foto_decadent which is a livejournal community that collects fashion spreads. I really use livejournal as a very vague place to socialise online so I've never considered looking for these kinds of communities and that's a shame because if I had I might have found foto_decadent a little sooner.

Fashion photography is a subtle art, sometimes fashion spreads in magazines are so overcomplicated with props that they lose the clothes. It's one of the reasons that I'm not that interested in a lot of the independent fashion magazines because art and clothes overlap but the ability to miss the notion that the clothes are the art happens all too often. A lot of photographers that are observed as focusing on fashion, Tim Walker, Annie Leibovitz are dramatic photographers who focus more on scene than fashion and that's fine but they aren't the people who should be creating shoots for fashion magazines. Fashion photography can be an unhappy marriage of two conflicting art forms. (Divorce can be painful but sometimes it's the right thing to do)

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