Sunday, June 15, 2008

A quick eco-fashion round up:

The US company Sears is selling a clothing line called EcoGir manufactured by Bagir who have produced a suit made entirely of recycled materials such as PET plastic bottles.

Did you know that the clothing company Patagonia has a footprint section on its site? This section explains why specific products are greener than their alternatives and how detrimental it has been to create them. The level of carbon dioxide emissions, waste generated and the distance the product travelled are recorded.

Finisterre won the fashion prize at the 2008 Observer Ethical Awards. If you want outdoor clothing that is environmentally sustainable this is a good place to start in the UK. Hopefully they will expand their range of styles and the variety of product lines they turn out in the future. This is definitely a positive beginning.

Cultivate Kids produce environmentally okay children's clothes. They're lovely outfits and T-shirts but they are made in the US so if you're not there then they're not quite as sustainable as something manufactured closer to home like Polarn o.pyret's eco line.

Perhaps you'll be interested in Pamoyo who use organic cotton, manufacture in Berlin and are releasing patterns for some of the pieces on their site.

If you're looking for accessories you can find bags at Terra pax who have a practice of industrial ecology or Osprey Packs who have a line of bags made from recycled materials.