Monday, August 11, 2008

How do you express a response to a visual science that is transformed into a visual art? I'm finding it difficult. I went to see From Atoms to Patterns this weekend, an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection that had reached its last weekend and finished yesterday. Mutable Matter gives an overview of the exhibition so I won't try to do the same.

The modern era feels like magic to me, there were instances of unity between science and art that created motifs that are unforgettable, the geometric patterns of the Russian avant garde movement, the crystallographers haemoglobin and insulin and the textiles industry was at the centre, the bridge between ancient craft and industrial production. We wear science on our bodies everyday but clothes pre-date our understanding of science, they are a craft that is ancient and there's an exciting juxtaposition there. The ability to wear scientific motif makes me feel enthusiastic because it feels like a recognition of advancing humanity at the beginning and in the present day so perhaps this is something I would love to have, a dress showing insulin or haemoglobin to the world.

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khalid said...

Thanks for the Mutable Matter link, and great post.

If you ever get that dress showing Hb or insulin, show it to us!