Saturday, January 19, 2008

What do I know about clothes? I know that clothes start from the vulnerability of being a woman or man without any clothes on. That clothes are our cultural skin. I know that we build ourselves and our confidence and our approachability and protective shell through our outfits. Imagine for a moment the difference between clothed and nude, the line and the difference in where it exists for different people and then, importantly the cloak of fashion in opposition to other types of nudity. The extension of fashion photography as a form of clothing emphasises the idea of clothing as cultural construct.

Gok Wan on How to Look Good Naked teaches women, not to look good naked but to put on clothing even when they're wearing very, very little. I'm currently reading It's So You, a collection of essays by women that focuses on their personal experience of fashion and clothing. I think I have failed to do this a little, in a sense this site is more a critical examination of the very periphery of fashion, of the popular conception of it in magazines and newpapers and the misiniterpretation and lack of clarity on the subject. It makes sense because I want to clarify what fashion theory is and should be but perhaps more motivation to write about my clothes and experiences would be positive.

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