Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bella has owned these shoes for about 15 years. At first the most striking thing about them is the colour, emphasised by the gleam of the material but actually I think the shape, the round toe and that great rectangular heel draw me to these shoes more. If they were made of dull black plastic than I wouldn't like them very much so I suppose it's really the overall effect but the more I look at the heel the more I'm drawn to it.

Tall women who don't wear shoes with big heels often make the mistake of thinking that people choose them because they make them seem taller. Heels are about posture and the shape of your legs. In heels women seem more confident because they have to adjust their shoulders and hips to the height of the shoes, they have to compensate for the shift in the centre of gravity. It's a very good way to appear to be a different type of person, perhaps a little less shy than you actually are.

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